The Great Acatalepsy

Curriculum Vitae 2013

Connie Fan

Languages I Speak: Chinese (fluent), English (fluent), Spanish (fluent)

Languages I Program: C++ (fluent), C (fluent), Python (fluent), C♯ (semi-fluent), BASIC (fluent), ParallaxBASIC (fluent), LATEX (semi-fluent), Java (learning), LISP (semi-fluent)

Musical Instruments: Piano, Flute, Vocals

Sports: Tennis, Running, Archery

Clubs and Organizations: Mock Trial, Model United Nations, Speech and Debate, Pre-Medical Association, National Honor Society, Science Bowl, Spanish Club,

Fine Arts and Dance: Instructor (at Sun Century Art Academy: 2011-2013 present), Student (at Sun Century Art Academy: 2008- present), Pianist (Laurel Hills Retirement Home 2011-2013)

Jobs: Peer Tutor (2010- present), Art Instructor (2011- present), Computer Tech Support (2012- present), Computer Lab Assistant (2013-present)

Skills: Programming, Problem Solving, Public Speaking, Leadership, Systems Knowledge, Planning and Organizing, Team player and self directed.

Leadership Experience: Mock Trial (Captain), Model United Nations (Board Member, Ambassador), Speech and Debate (Senior Member, Team Co-captain), Pre-Medical Association (Board Member, Treasurer), Tennis (Varsity Captain), Art (Instructor)
Volunteer Experience: Librarian (2010-present), National Honor Society Coordinated Volunteer Activities (2012-present), Art Instructor (2011-present),

Hobbies and Interests: Building circuits, programming, tinkering with computers, building computers, sports, music, singing, online courses (Coursera Student 2012-present),

Past Summer Camps: Artificial Intelligence: EPGY at Stanford- Summer 2013
Recent Major Engineering/Computer Science Achievements:
• BHSE Science Fair (2012-2013)
o o ISEF Qualifier Top 5
o o Yale Best of Show Project (Regionals)
o o Best of Show Engineering and Computer Science Project
• Oregon State Science Fair (2013)
o o ISEF Qualifier Top 12 Finalist
o o IEEE Best Engineering and Computer Science Project
o o IEEE Best Medical Technology Project
o o Yale Best of Show Project (State)
o o Air Force Best Use of Innovative Technology
o o Navy Best Engineering Project
o o NWSE Best of Show Project

Projects (Note that since I am at camp at the moment, the only projects I have access to are the ones that we worked on in class and my science fair material D: ) :
o science-fair-project-circuit-board

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