The Great Acatalepsy

We are the crazy ones…

In response to:


I see myself as a part of the “Martyr” archetype. There are times where my parents find me passed out among my plethora of obscenely colored candy hordes and Mt. Dew Voltages (both of which do not actually manage to keep me awake at all times.) I’d like to think that I’m not the “Martyr” all the time, but I admit that when I have projects that I become borderline (or actually) obsessed about, it might be a few days before anyone sees me leave my desk.

Other times, I can’t sit still for more than an hour or two working on the same project, but sometimes, the spark of inspiration becomes more of a roaring bonfire of captivation that burns away everything (homework included, sometimes) but my work. I think that I’d like a bit more “Code Cowboy” in me in the sense that a person like that can always relax in situations where I would probably break into a possessed Visual Studios zombie and refuse to leave my computer for days. I’m pretty proud to admit, however, that I at least manage to pry myself away from the computer long enough to manage personal hygiene and grab more Mt. Dew.


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